Float on the Niangua River

with Hidden Valley Outfitters

A Fun Filled, Family Float

Looking for a great float trip for friends and family? A float on the Niangua River with Hidden Valley Outfitters has everything you are looking for.

Float your way by renting a:

  • Sit On Kayak - Single Person
  • Canoe - 2 Adults
  • Rafts - 6 Person (5 Adults comfortable)

We offer two float trips from our own private access points on the river. Your car is always at the parking lot and the end of your float, so there is no need to wait for a bus to pick you up after your trip.

Our guests are only shuttled in an air conditioned vans. Since we have private river access your rafts, boats, kayaks, oars, & life jackets will always be ready for you on the river bank. You'll be on the water in no time.

Our upper float is a 5.5 mile float that ends at the HVO campground and RV Park. The trip usually takes 4 to 6 hours. The last mile of the trip will take you right in front of Bennett Spring State park, where the spring runs into the river. The river on this trip is a little more shallow than our lower float providing a lot of areas for families to stop, swim and have a snack or lunch.

Our lower float is an 8.5 mile float that begins at the HVO campground and RV Park. The trip usually takes 5.5 to 6.5 hours to. Before your trip you will take your car to HVO's lower private take out (6.5 miles down Marigold Drive following the signs on the road). Our shuttle van will follow you and pick you up to bring you back to the campground to start your float. Our lower float provides a lot of great fishing on the river, on locations that are not accessible from any public areas.


Private River Access HVO has 3 private access points to the river. No waiting at public ramps for other outfitters to launch their boats before you.
Float to your car Both our upper and lower floats end at HVO's private parking lots on the river. No waiting to be picked up after your float trip.
AC Van shuttle Before your trip, you will be shuttled from the parking lot at the end of your trip to the start of your trip in our air conditioned vans.

*Each foat trip includes: life jackets for all floaters, oars/paddles, bags for trash, and transportation.

Float Trip Photos